Sunday, April 19, 2009

Harvesting Ocean Energy

Energy can be harvested from the oceans in five basic ways, with a multitude of variations.

1. Tides - Potential energy contained in tides can be harnessed by building barrage or other forms of construction across an estuary.
2. Waves - Kinetic and potential energy in ocean waves can be harnessed using modular technologies.
3. Tidal or marine currents - Kinetic energy in tidal (marine) currents can be harnessed using modular systems.
4. Temperature gradients - Thermal energy due to the temperature gradient between the sea surface and deepwater can be harnessed using different Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) processes.
5. Salinity gradients - At the mouth of rivers where fresh water mixes with salt water, energy associated with the salinity gradient can be harnessed using pressure-retarded reverse osmosis process and associated conversion technologies.


Blogger lawrie said...

Electrical energy from motion in the ocean should be used to electrolyse sea water and produce hydrogen. Hydrogen is portable and can be used to power the means of distribution and the engines of the end users.Hydrogen factory ships can operate 24/7, year round, out of sight and sound, self fuelled and non polluting. Take the next step and use clean energy to produce hydrogen to save the planet.

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Blogger lawrie said...

Further to my earlier comment,the disastrous oil spill in the gulf underlines the reasons for adopting a hydrogen economy. Any process can fail due to human action or inaction or the effect of nature and therefore it is essential that the consequences are limited and that the environment is not polluted as a result. Fossil fuels and nuclear power have the potential for huge detrimental impact on humankind and the environment; I am unable to conceive any situation involving hydrogen that would do anything other than local damage.
The enormous amounts of money spent cleaning up after the past disasters would go a long way to developing the desirable hydrogen resources, but of course we are in a recession and there is no money for that------Yeah Right!

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