Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Electricity Supply Industry in Sweden

Liberalisation and deregulation of the Swedish electricity market have been achieved ahead of target and by July 2000 all customers with access to the high voltage grid had free choice. The market has now been opened 100%.

The wholesale electricity market is considered competitive, as Swedish power generation is part of the regional Nordic market (which also includes Denmark, Finland and Norway). The electricity retail market exhibits higher than average switching rates.

Sweden is a member of Nordel, the Organisation for Electric Power Co-operation in Nordic Countries, a common electricity market which provides a market place for spot deliveries on a daily basis, as well as a market for financial contracts. As a resuIt, Sweden has 9 interconnections with Norway, 6 with Denmark, 5 with Finland and one newly completed with Germany. The connection with Germany is via the Baltic cable. This enterprise was established to place a 250 km DC cable with a capacity of 600 MW between Sweden and Germany.


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