Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fundamental Changes in the Gas Meter Market

The meter market is at a point of fundamental change with the introduction of intelligent metering. This has immediate consequences for new meters but it also has long term implications for the gas meter market because of the different service lives of mechanical and solid state gas meters. In this time of change and development the gas meter industry continues to attract investment capital. The gas meter suppliers have seized this opportunity and the global leaders have reinvented themselves with impressive speed. The 'big three' gas meter companies - Elster, Itron/Actaris, Bayard/Landis & Gyr/Enermet - form a $5 billion trio. They have consolidated further, acquiring technology and data management companies. They are no longer just gas meter vendors, they are providers of systems technology. They not only offer measurement devices but also the means to engineer demand and manage energy. The gas meter market is continuously unfurling new dimensions.


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